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BLOB size for upload



What’s the maximal size of an object or a file that can be uploaded? For example, 5 GB or 50 TB ?

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Hello @yongsheng,

I’d say by using the swift connector with DLO middleware you could theorically upload a 50TB file, and you could potentially go even further (provided you have enough disk space to store everything).

Basically, there is no hard limit on the file size. It is effectively neutralized by the use of DLO, which transforms the problem of storing a huge object into a more friendly problem of storing a lot of smaller ones inside the same container. Now by default the OpenIO container would eventually be your limit, but it is possible to go around it with the right configuration, and in turn store as much as your hardware can handle.

Again, this remains quite theoretical, and I can’t guarantee that problems won’t arise when putting it into practice. I thus encourage you to try it out if you have the resources to do so.