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Build a C SDK / Access Layer



Am building an application that needs to access OpenIO object storage. The application sits on top of a mail server and is all written in C. Am looking to build an SDK/Access layer to OpenIO in C.

I read about the Python SDK. I could use a python binding to integrate it into my C code but I prefer if everything is native. Is there a document I can find that talks about a pure REST interface to the object storage or a C library to access the object storage ?

Thank you!


Hi linuxmonk,

You can find ower oio sds Header here:
You will need 2 libs: and (So you’ll need to build the solution or install the openio-server pkg).

You can find an example here:

Tell me if you need more information.




Hello Maxime,

Thanks a lot!. This is very helpful. I’ll begin work based on this.


You are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

It would be great if you can keep us informed about your work.

Have a nice day.