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List containers/accounts?


As far as I see there is no way to query the system for a list of accounts or a list of containers within an account.

Is there a reason for it?


Hi @ancoron

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks.

You can’t list the accounts created in a namespace using our CLI for the moment. You can retrieve the information by connecting to your redis instance, and using the command: keys account:*
I created a github issue to add this feature to our CLI:

The good news now, you can list the containers within an account using our CLI and the command openio container list.
Just add it to the documentation (was not there), more information following this link:

Thanks @ancoron :wink:


Thank you for the quick answer. The CLI command works like a charm.

Is it already planned to also expose (listing containers would be most important for me) these with the Java client?


Thanks @ancoron for the issue you created on github.

I put here the link, to be sure that everyone can follow it: